About Our Sarover Power Products

50 Years Experience

Sarover Power Products, is one of India is leading and well-diversified engineering company. It manufactures a wide range of industria land agriculture products to meet the requirement of core sectors in India and abroad. The Company is competencies are in Diesel / Petrol Engines, Gensets, Pump-sets and Construction Equipment. The business operations of the Company are divided into various departments. It is strategically structured to ensure maximum focus on each business area and yet retain a unique synergy in the operations

Year experience



Sarover power product mission is to become a leading manufacturer of agricultural and industrial machinery equipments, we focus on quality. We introduce a range of innovative products to increase productivity and enhance profitability, in agriculture and industrial market.


The most important feature of the Sarover Power Products Company is to give attention to the quality of the product which they supply to their customer, distributors and dealers . Every employee is proud to work for Sarover.Every customer is proud and satisfied to own Sarover products.Good Service is good business


Sarover Power Product Pvt. Ltd. Is located in the beautiful lake-city-Bhopal ,Madhya Pradesh . It is one of India’s leading and well diversified engineering company. It manufactures a wide range of agricultural products to meet the requirement of core sectors in India and abroad. Company manufactures a wide range portable Diesel/Petrol Engines, Gensets, Pumpsets, Agricultural and Construction Equipments. Over the years of steady growth, Sarover has become one of the leading exporters in India apart being a major role in domestic market as well. We continually innovate and introduce new products that satisfy the market needs. Quality is the key in all Sarover Products. Our brands stand by our strong network of support, services and accessories, replacement parts commitment that our present and future customer need. Sarover brand is in the heart and mind of farmers and industrial users.